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Tämä boxi auttaa sinua kehittämään itsetuntemustasi! Mitä paremmin tunnet itsesi sitä helpompi on elää sellaista elämää kuin itse haluat. Osaat myös tehdä parempia valintoja elämässäsi, kun tunnet itsesi paremmin.

Ei varastossa, vain jälkitoimituksena


Tämä inspiroiva boxi sisältää:

  • Itsetuntemus tehtäväkirjan, jossa on 30 kysymystä, jotka auttavat sinua olemaan itsetietoisempi, tuntemaan ja ymmärtämään itsesi paremmin
  • Kauniita inspiraatio kortteja + puinen jalusta
  • Neljä A4 kokoista sivua, joiden avulla edistää itsetuntemustasi
  • Muistivihko, johon voit kirjoittaa ajatuksiasi
  • Vaaleanpunainen kynä
  • Motivoiva tarra-arkki

Tämä boxi sopii sinulle, jos haluat oppia tuntemaan itsesi paremmin.

Huom! Boxi on saatavilla vain englannin kielellä.


Why do I pick self-awareness as a theme for our Box of Happiness? Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness. We can never live a life of true fulfillment and happiness without having found ourselves first. Self-awareness requires us to be completely honest with ourselves. Yet, being honest with ourselves seems to be a very difficult task for a lot of people.

One of the things my father has always stressed is self-awareness. Ever since I was little, I would turn to my father for consolation during times of doubt or while experiencing a negative shift in my emotions. He always responded with questions that asked me to reflect upon my own self and human psychology. He also encouraged me to start journaling to self-reflect, spend time in solitude, and observe my thoughts, actions, and emotions. I began keeping a diary, which later moved on to become a blog that I now share with the world.

We all think we know who we are until we reach a point in our lives where we experience discomfort – a kind of discomfort that doesn’t often give us answers. Instead, questions arise, and we know that if we are not to repeat the same mistakes, or step into the same negative patterns, and if we are not to cover up this discomfort with illusive pleasures, we need to start asking ourselves deep questions. I remember when I first graduated from University, I felt so stressed about finding a job. I was living in Sydney, an expensive city, and my visa was also running out. I turned to my father for career advice, but instead of giving me advice about how to find a job, he said,

“Focus on finding yourself first. Otherwise you would jump from one job to another without feeling truly fulfilled. Don’t waste time doing that.”

My dad is absolutely right. In order to be fulfilled, we must first know what would make us feel fulfilled and then go do that. Just like what Tony Robbin’s said,

”Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

When I was a little girl, I made a commitment to myself that I would turn my passion into a career. But it’s hard to know which passion to turn into a career when we seem to have so many passions and interests, and some seem to change with time, depending on the phase of life or who we are close to. Like many of you, I have jumped from one job to another. The jobs that didn’t last were the jobs that didn’t make me feel happy while I was doing them. One day I decided that I would only focus on following my heart and only do work that closely aligns with my innate talents and strengths. Surprisingly, I found that when I did that, amazing things started to happen. I lived in the flow. I woke up feeling excited every morning. I felt more challenged and driven to do the best job I possibly could. My life seemed to be filled with purpose once again. When we really follow our hearts and do things that align with who we truly are, the universe opens up.

I am very pleased to pick “self-awareness” as a theme for our Box of Happiness. Because after all, knowing who we are is the foundation of everything else. It is absolutely crucial to be comfortable with ourselves, and it all starts with knowing who we truly are. I hope you are living a life where your career is in harmonious alignment with what your soul is aching for. But if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to ask those deep questions and to start again.


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