Essential oils: Natural way to ease stress and anxiety!

Essential oils are a natural way to ease stress and anxiety. Especially for me bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils have worked so well. They have made me more relaxed everytime I have used those. But there are plenty of different oils which work. I think everybody has their favorite scents. So use the one you like the most. Whether you like more fruity scents then mandarin or grapefruit are great choices. But if you like more flower scents then neroli or ylang ylang would be perfect!

What essential oils have you used for stress or anxiety?

Surrender and let go of control

When you surrender you let of the control. You have have faith that the things you want will come to you. By letting go of control you will feel more light and so much better. In addition you will have less anxiety when you just trust that things will work out just fine.

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